Year in Review  |  CANSO Work Programmes

A key focus for CANSO’s global Work Programmes has always been supporting collaboration within the ATM industry and engaging with our stakeholders and partner organisations. Identifying best practice, tracking and highlighting important technology trends, benchmarking and advocacy initiatives are at the core of what we do. 

Partnering to
provide value

The coronavirus pandemic that emerged in early 2020 changed many things for our industry but didn’t alter that focus. The current circumstances only enhanced the importance of collaboration and Members desire to learn from each other.

In support of that we delivered multiple webinars to share the best practice and advice, we published guidance on business continuity during the pandemic and on the restart and recovery, and we represented CANSO in cross-industry fora aimed at identifying and resolving issues and preparing for the industry’s recovery and growing traffic levels. 

Thanks to our partnership with Aireon which provided access to their global surveillance information we began publishing bi-weekly ATM Traffic Reports enabling a deeper analysis of metrics directly relevant to ATM, such as flight hours. We also partnered with Metron Aviation to provide their ATFM demand prediction tool – Harmony – to help ANSPs with resource and flow planning during a period of increasingly variable traffic levels.

Our partnership with Micro Nav enabled access to their cloud based BEST ATC simulator platform to assist ANSPs with maintaining air traffic controller proficiency and confidence as air traffic levels begin to climb. We are truly grateful for these partnerships and the way in which our members stepped up to offer support to the community.

As we move forward, we will continue to seek out ways to help share knowledge and best practice across the ATM community and to connect solutions to problems.

Michelle Bishop
Director Programmes, CANSO

A key focus for CANSO’s global Work Programmes has always been supporting collaboration within the ATM industry and engaging with our stakeholders and partner organisations. Identifying best practice, tracking and highlighting important technology trends, benchmarking and advocacy initiatives are at the core of what we do.

Partnering to
provide value

Year in Review  |  CANSO Work Programmes

Key Highlights for the Year 

CANSO Work Progammes

Year in Review | CANSO Work Programmes

CANSO’s programmes continue to be a forum for industry collaboration and the development of policy and best practice. 

Representing our industry 

CANSO continues to serve as the voice of ATM in key aviation industry bodies. 

Produced CANSO Guidance: COVID-19 Ensuring Continuity of ATS Service Globally with advice on how to safeguard and protect staff and ensure business continuity during the pandemic and the COVID-19 ANS Restart and Recovery Guide.

Worked with our aviation industry counterparts and ICAO on the Aviation Benefits 2019 report.

Collaborated with seven major aviation stakeholders on the Soaring through the Glass Ceiling report examining the root causes preventing women’s advancement into leadership positions in the aviation and aerospace industries.

Worked with industry partners through the Air Transportation Action Group to develop plans to achieve aviation’s 2050 sustainability goals.

Published new CANSO position papers on ATFM, Fatigue, Human Performance, Performance Based Regulation, Separation of Service Provider from Regulator, Safety Management Systems and Airspace Sovereignty. 

Member Testimonials

CANSO Work Progammes

Year in Review | CANSO Work Programmes

Micro Nav has been a CANSO Member for many years and a regular exhibitor at the World ATM Congress, and is committed to contributing resources for CANSO workgroups where we can add value. It has been a pleasure to be able to support the industry through our collaboration with CANSO by offering access to free ATC Simulation via BEST Remote. Having data provided by CANSO into traffic levels, and their collaborations with fellow members, provides comfort that the industry still very much alive, full of experts, with member organisations that share a vision akin to Micro Nav’s. 

Greg Pile  
Managing Director,  Mico Nav

It has been an extraordinary year for aviation. The COVID-19 pandemic has an unprecedented global impact on the aviation industry.  As a result, there are more questions than we have answers for which creates uncertainty. It has been encouraging to see the aviation community coming together to support each other in these difficult times.  It has been an privilege to partner with CANSO in support of ANSP recovery operations by supplying ANSPs with a demand monitoring ATFM system. 

Chris Jordan
President of Metron Aviation, Metron Aviation

Being a member of CANSO is one of the most beneficial memberships, Aireon, as a company has. The power of the CANSO membership, paired with strategic partnership to provide our global surveillance data and capabilities to the ATM industry was a decision made through collaboration and cooperation. That is the key aspect of CANSO that sets them apart from other organizations—collaboration. We are all working to ensure the robustness of the ATM industry and the deployment of the most advanced technology for enhanced efficiencies and safety. That can only be done through an organization like CANSO and its diverse membership base.

Don Thoma  
CEO,  Aireon

Sharing experience is to give the gift of knowledge and our OSC workgroups and taskforces had the opportunity to highlight key achievements of the past 12 months, and their ideas, goals and work plans for the upcoming year, including new and emerging best practice guidance. This showed the breadth of industry insight and innovation that together CANSO’s Member share and develop... as we wind our way towards our goal of a harmonized, seamless airspace system, it therefore becomes more important to work together – the interdependence of technology, systems and personnel require that we all work together to achieve this goal, and that is our objective. 

Armin Beirle  
Head of ACC Langen, DFS, CANSO Operations Standing Committee (OSC) Chair

Key Highlights for the Year 

CANSO Work Progammes: Strategy and Integration

Year in Review | CANSO Work Programmes

Sharing guidance and best practice

This year through our workgroups we:

We continue to advance the 5 CANSO Advocacy Priorities:

Advocating on behalf of our industry

Advancing technology

Harnessing the power of data

Created a new workgroup on Operational Training to share best practices in improving training outcomes and examine future trends.

Created two ad-hoc groups to address key issues related to the COVID-19 crisis – the uncertainty of traffic forecasts and liability insurance coverage.

Promoting ATM’s role in contributing to environmental sustainability.

Working with standards organisations and ICAO to actively promote adoption of open source standards, and further global harmonisation through technology procurement practices.

Pursuing the development of a CANSO vision for future airspace needs.

Supporting regulatory capacity building activities of ICAO related to the furthering of performance based regulatory approaches.

Enhancing our position as the listened to voice of ATM at ICAO.

Delivered workshops and published articles to promote best practice in the procurement of new technology.

Worked on a series of white papers exploring the benefits of new and emerging technologies.

Held workshops in Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia Pacific to understand regional planning structures and individual ANSP technology planning cycles.

Developed an overview of the current state of technology deployment and implementation planning of various technologies.

Expanded the number of ANSPs covered by the CANSO Global ANS Performance Report – with the report now covering ANSPs responsible for 75% of global air traffic. The Report will be published in autumn 2020 and will incorporate data provided by EUROCONTROL’s Performance Review Unit (PRU).

Launched a partnership with Aireon to use their high-fidelity data to produce a bi-weekly ATM Data Insights report.

Undertook a benchmarking exercise on ATCO terms and conditions of employment and other HR issues, such as training time and success rates, gender balance, retirement age, as well as the impact of COVID-19. The results will feature in the CANSO ATCO Remuneration and HR Metrics Report 2020 being published later this year.

Key Highlights for the Year 

CANSO Work Progammes: Safety

Year in Review | CANSO Work Programmes

We have also been growing our regional safety focus, with a Middle East representative on the SSC Steering Group, and evolving safety workgroups and initiatives in all regions. The increasing number of workgroup and event participants overall shows CANSO’s growing safety footprint, and the real value Members see in collaborating on safety initiatives.

Shayne Campbell
Safety Programme Manager, CANSO

Through the SSC Steering Group (SSC SG), CANSO has been redefining the mission, vision and objectives of its safety focus this year. 

Raising global capability in safety

Held a highly successful CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference and celebrated the Global ATM Safety Achievement Award winners, Ineco.

Redefined the vision, mission and objectives of the CANSO safety workplan.

Presented at regional Global Reporting Format Seminars.


  • A 2-day workshop on SMS Implementation and Safety Performance Indicators for Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia

  • An “ANSP SMS Implementation and Maturity Measurement Methods” ANS Oversight Workshop for ICAO SAM

  • A Safety Management Workshop for ANSPs for ICAO NAM/CAR

  • A Human Factors Workshop at the CANSO Africa Conference 2019

Led the ANSP subgroup on the European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Excursions (EAPPRE) V2.0.

Translated the CANSO Standard of Excellence in Safety Management Systems into Spanish and French.

Conducted a SEANS-Safety Assessment for Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia.

Represented CANSO in the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme Advisory Group.

Led the first global CANSO Safety Webinar on COVID-19 and in collaboration with IATA, IFALPA, IFACTA a well-attended webinar series on Safely Navigating the Industry Restart.

Key Highlights for the Year 

CANSO Work Progammes: Operations

Year in Review | CANSO Work Programmes

In my CANSO tenure, I’ve been consistently impressed by our dedicated teams of aviation professionals and subject matter experts. Their willingness to continually share their hard-earned knowledge and expertise to improve aviation worldwide is commendable!

We’ve delivered webinars on air traffic flow management (ATFM) and airport-collaborative decision making (A-CDM), as well as collaborative decision making (CDM) to help with restart and recovery efforts. The OSC has also published Use of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) for Noise Management and contributed significantly to regional best practice initiatives, including the CADENA ATFM and CDM Procedures Manual and CANSO Mombasa ATFM Roadmap. I’m very much looking forward to the next twelve months and coming deliverables from the smart/digital tower, datalink and UTM taskforces!

Coleen Hawrysko
Operations Programme Manager, CANSO

Even before COVID-19 grounded the Operations Standing Committee (OSC), our workgroups and taskforces were busy developing webinars, guidance documents and learning opportunities for CANSO Members. 

Sharing knowledge

A position on the use of very high-altitude airspace by New Airspace Entrants and Emerging Technologies to harmonise the global airspace structure. 

An information booklet for CANSO members on climate change. 

Are developing:

  • A best practice guide for ANSPs to introduce technologies and strategies that increase efficiency while supporting increased capacity

  • A memo on WHO Noise Guidelines

  • ATCO training guidelines on environmental aspects

  • Guidelines for ANSPs on how to balance and prioritise noise abatement and emissions reduction goals

  • Best practices on defined KPIs of CDO/CCO

Partnered with ACI to produce Use of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) for Noise Management which has been widely referenced in various journals and aviation forums.

Delivered a 3 part webinar series on ATFM/A-CDM Integration – key drivers of efficient and effective operations helping balance demand against capacity and increase coordination between all aviation stakeholders.

Delivered a webinar on the importance of CDM.

Key Highlights for the Year 

CANSO Work Progammes: ICAO Affairs

Year in Review | CANSO Work Programmes

This year we:

Continued to ensure that the ATM industry is effectively represented in the work of ICAO, and reviewed CANSO’s participation in the different ICAO panels and working groups.

Represented members in the ICAO Council Aviation Recovery Taskforce (CART) which developed guidance for governments and industry operators to facilitate a coordinated recovery from the impacts of COVID-19

Represented Members at the Safer Skies Consultative Committee which has been established with Canada, Netherlands, United States, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, IFALPA, IFATCA, EGRICZ, and IATA as Members

Presented at the ICAO Council informal briefing: “State of the Industry” 

Actively participated in the ICAO Trust Framework Study Group (TFSG) and working on a draft proposal for the creation of an aviation secure network

Participated in the Ministerial Round Table discussions during the 5th ICAO World Aviation Forum (IWAF/5)

Represented CANSO’s Members and prepared 4 working papers and co-signed 11 papers with industry partners for ICAO’s 40th Assembly which took place over two weeks in 2019